Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lloyd's Patriotic Fund presentation Sword

Lloyd's Patriotic Fund presentation Sword

Ornate gold engraved swords were presented to naval men for outstanding duty during the Napoleonic War era.
This particular gold sword is housed in the British Maritime Museum at Greenwich.
It was presented by the Lloyd's Patriotic Fund to Charles Mansfield, Captain of HMS Minataur for contributing to the victory over the combined fleets of France and Spain off Cape Trafalgar, Oct 1805


Unknown said...

Lloyds Patriotic Fund swords were not gold but Ormolu. For further details see

M. C. Muir said...

Dear Chris, thank you for the link to your site at
it makes very interesting reading.
I was not familiar with the term 'ormolu'/gilt bronze or the way it was created.
Having taken the liberty of introducing a Patriotic fund sword to my recently released novel, THE TAINTED PRIZE, I hope I have not taken too many liberties with the facts.
Thanks for your comment. MM