Friday, July 20, 2018

"The Barefoot Surgeon" - a truly inspirational story

I try to write a review of all the books I read, and of late I have been devouring books like they are going out of fashion. 
While my book choice was once primarily British Nautical and Historical fiction, I recently changed tack and veered into modern day murder and intrigue stories often set in the USA.
But this week, I read a biography - one of the few of this genre I have ever entertained. This followed watching an interview on TV of Ophthalmic surgeon Dr Sanduk Ruit. His story, titled "The Barefoot Surgeon" begins with a boy living in a remote Nepalese village high in the Himalayas. From the onset, I was intrigued. 
Superbly written by Ali Gripper and published only a few days ago, the challenges which beset this remarkable man are hard to believe. What he achieved over 30+ years is even more astounding.
I have just written my review and posted it on Amazon. 
Here is a transcript:

A truly inspiring and moving story which continues to this very day. From the inhospitable and hazardous mountains of the Himalayas, Ruit's story is a journey-story in more ways than one that takes him from the dangerous yak tracks in the shadow of Everest, to the palaces and seats of learning of the world. It is a journey through life, beset by adversity and challenges yet filled with dedication and love, a journey to fulfil one man's dream to bring sight to the million of people around the world who cannot see.
Operating in makeshift theatres with plastic sheets for walls, using equipment and intraocular lens donated by other surgeons and institutions, fighting adversities along with criticism and condemnations from the establishment, Ruit performed 70 operations every day, built a hospital and numerous treatment centres across Nepal and trained dozens of young surgeons in delicate eye surgery.
Today Ruit is recognized as one of the top ophthalmic surgeons in the world.
The story of this brilliant man is told here so eloquently by author, Ali Gripper.
I found this book hard to put down.
Highly, highly recommended.