Monday, July 02, 2007

Twiddling my thumbs

It's like being in limbo.
The furniture left Western Australia on 21st May - almost two weeks ago and it's currently sitting on a dock in Devonport, Tasmania.
My car left last week and will be in Tassie next week - hopefully about the same time that I will arrive there.
Due to the delay in settlement on my Perth property I have postponed my flights to Launceston until next Monday.
It's all a bit frustrating at this stage as obviously I want to take possession of my new house as soon as possible.
At the moment I am living in a rather echoey empty house with very little furniture, sleeping on a borrowed mattress on the floor and I have no personal possessions - including my computer.
Thanks for the loan of the laptop, Rob!
Still, it's only temperary and tomorrow is another day.
(PS - with out my computer I can't add a pic - sorry!)