Monday, July 02, 2007

Twiddling my thumbs

It's like being in limbo.
The furniture left Western Australia on 21st May - almost two weeks ago and it's currently sitting on a dock in Devonport, Tasmania.
My car left last week and will be in Tassie next week - hopefully about the same time that I will arrive there.
Due to the delay in settlement on my Perth property I have postponed my flights to Launceston until next Monday.
It's all a bit frustrating at this stage as obviously I want to take possession of my new house as soon as possible.
At the moment I am living in a rather echoey empty house with very little furniture, sleeping on a borrowed mattress on the floor and I have no personal possessions - including my computer.
Thanks for the loan of the laptop, Rob!
Still, it's only temperary and tomorrow is another day.
(PS - with out my computer I can't add a pic - sorry!)


Mrs G said...

I hope you are ok with the flooding in North West Tassie in early August Marg.

Shayne and I are in Karumba Qld and now it is getting hot!!!

Margaret Muir said...

Hi Mrs G
I was sitting here when your comment came through and just about to update my news.
Great to hear your travels are taking you far and wide.
There was a frost this morning so I envy you a little warmth!
The rain and wind for the last three days was quite unreal, but I'm up high so out of the way of the floods.
Nice to hear from you,
All the best to you both,