Monday, August 12, 2013

Just released - ADMIRALTY ORDERS by M.C. Muir

I am pleased to announce that ADMIRALTY ORDERS, the third book in the Oliver Quintrell Nautical Fiction Series was launched as an e-Book on 10th August 2013. The paperback copy will be available in October.
Set in 1804, ADMIRALTY ORDERS follows on from FLOATING GOLD and THE TAINTED PRIZE and apart from a few new crew members, the ship’s company remains the same.
I thank those readers who have taken time to provide feedback in the form of reviews, critiques and personal emails. All your comments are taken into consideration when I set about writing a new adventure.
ADMIRALTY ORDERS was inspired by a very brief visit to Gibraltar which I made during a cruise last year. This year I will be sailing along on the Australian Bight, aboard the 100 year old Dutch sailing ship, BARK EUROPA. I should prove to be an exciting adventure for me.
Later in the year, I will be cruising to South America and visiting ports on the coast of Brazil. Guess where Oliver Quintrell and his crew will be heading next?
Writing books is not easy. It’s hard work, incredibly time consuming and can make for a lonely existence. But with a ship full of sailors drifting through my head, how can I ever be alone?
In 2013, I published a short Young Adult book, KING RICHARD AND THE MOUNTAIN GOAT and THE SECRET OF THE SEA. Also, an eclectic collection of my poetry (paperback only). I plan to publish a few Children’s stories and a few short stories in the coming months.
All my books can be found on Amazon and are published as e-Books ($2.99) and in paperback.

I hope you will join with me, Captain Quintrell and all the crew of Perpetual as we set sail on the high seas for another adventure.