Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Tamar Valley - Here I come!

Last week I flew to Tasmania for a week's holiday.
This week I took the first steps to sell my house in WA.
In July, if all goes well, I will move to the Tamar Valley.
I had never been there before last week, I don't know anyone there, but I fell in love with the region.
There is nothing to hold me in Western Australia.
So I'm off!!

Photo: Taken on Brady's lookout about 15 km north of Launceston looking north over the beautiful Tamar Valley. (M Muir 03/07)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Better than a raindance!

Well, I wouldn't have believed it.
Only a few hours after posting the last blog entry about how dry everything was, the storm clouds rolled in and it rained!
It didn't last long but it did freshen the air for a short time.
Now it's back to 100 degrees - 39C forcast for today!
No wonder I am planning a trip to Tasmania.
Oh, to live somewhere without the extremes of climate.
Photo: M Muir