Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Tamar Valley - Here I come!

Last week I flew to Tasmania for a week's holiday.
This week I took the first steps to sell my house in WA.
In July, if all goes well, I will move to the Tamar Valley.
I had never been there before last week, I don't know anyone there, but I fell in love with the region.
There is nothing to hold me in Western Australia.
So I'm off!!

Photo: Taken on Brady's lookout about 15 km north of Launceston looking north over the beautiful Tamar Valley. (M Muir 03/07)


Anonymous said...

Great to see Tassie's going to be your new home. It's a magical place; I live in Launceston.

I hope you have been following with interest the huge debate over the proposed Tamar Valley pulp mill, the one proposed by nature's worst enemy, Gunns Ltd?

Have a look at the following sites for further information.

Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,
Living in the Tamar is great but and a big but is the impending pulp mill in the valley which will be disastrous. There are very few houses being sold in the northern half of the Tamar valley because of the expected mill pollution. Many have been taken off the market because no one wants to buy. I am expecting to lose around $100 000 on the price of my place if/when I try to sell. It is not good and our politicians are pretty useless having been given donations by Gunns (except the Greens).
Hold off buying until the air clears. and are 2 good sites to watch to see what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,
We would all very much appreciate your proposed residency in this magnificent Tamar Valley. You're aware of the deceitful methods being employed in an attempt to despoil this magnificence, but the tide is turning in our view. There's lots of important things happening - like the opinion being sought of Scientist's, Medic's etc. via Dr. Peacock who is to report back to Minister Turnbull shortly. In addition, the Aust.$ is becoming stronger daily and thus making the export of our forests less viable for the pulp mill proponents. Investor's in such a proposal would/should be running in the opposite direction and this must be causing nervousness within the Gunn's Boardroom.
Hope you can make it!
Best regards, Doreen/Gordon Shaw,Deviot