Sunday, April 19, 2009

In the Wake of the Adventurers – sailing round Van Diemens Land

Another night on board as we sailed past the Isle de Phoques and the historic Maria Island accompanied by a school (?) of dolphins.
Next morning, I was once again woken to the sound of the anchor chain being fed out and came on deck to find the Lady Nelson in Fortescue Bay.
This part of Tasmania’s coast if almost inaccessible and few people get to see it.
The scenery is awesome and unchanged since the early explorers saw it!
How lucky we are! Only smaller boats and sailing vessels can get a close view of the jagged dolerite cliffs of the south east coast of Tasmania.
How lucky we were.
After breakfast we sailed past The Candlestick (a Holy Grail for rock climbers) and rounded Cape Hauy.

The sky was blue.
The sea was relatively smooth and we were not alone.
Juvenile albatross skimmed the water and dolphins frolicked in the bow waves.
There were schools of fish churning up the sea's surface and seals serpentined through the blue water.

What more can you wish for?

Photos: The Candlestick and Cape Hauy

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