Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hobart – Lady Nelson’s home port

What a feeling it was to sail up the River Derwent and into Constitution Dock.
Most of the yachts in the Hydro Tasmania Three Peaks Race had arrived before us and most of the runners had completed their final long endurance race up Mount Wellington.
I looked up at the mountain and remembered standing on the top with PJ in 2005.
It brought back happy memories.

And as Captain Alan eased the Lady Nelson against the wharf it was satisfying to know the ship had made it safely home.
Today the replica brig is run by the Sail Training Association of Tasmania and crewed by volunteers of all ages.
Sailing with her for an extended voyage was something I had never envisioned a week before we left Launceston.
I only wish I lived a little closer to Hobart so I could join the crew more often.
But I am sure I will be returning to sail back into history on the deck of the Lady Nelson.

Photos: Lady Nelson back in home port at Hobart
Hobart, the River Derwent and Storm Bay from the top of Mount Wellington


Bb_JeAN said...

Hai Margaret, nice to meet u here..
hmm...can i ask that, except for sea traveling still have any others interesting on main road at Tasmania??
Bb_JeAN from Malaysia...

M. C. Muir said...

Thanks for visiting my Blog.
Sorry I can't help you with main roads in Tasmania.
When I returned from Hobart I travelled by bus from Hobart to Launceston.
It is a very pleasant 2 hour drive from south the north of the island.
Hope you can visit one day.

Bb_JeAN said...

u're welcome...
and thanks for your visiting my blog too..
anyway, thanks for your info...