Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Charlotte Bronte and me and a tree

Over the past three days I re-read Charlotte Bronte's, JANE EYRE.
A great read.
It's years since I read it and I'd forgotton much of the detail, including the part where the chestnut tree is rent in two by a storm.
In my book THE TWISTING VINE I featured a chestnut tree which is struck by lightening, and although the scenario is quite different to Bronte's, the tree in my story also carries considerable significance.
I could have sworn the chestnut tree idea was mine but no doubt it was a latent memory in my subconscious.
I guess everything a writer writes comes from things they have seen, read or experienced at some time in their life.
Photo: Candles on a horsechestnut tree - Putney 20008

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