Monday, January 12, 2009

Defining Never Never Land

In the movie, FINDING NEVERLAND, a few definitions of the place Neverland are suggested.
Some see Never Land (as it was called in the play) as a magical place – somewhere to escape to.
Others see it as a place you go to when you die but never return from.
I see Neverland as the alternative world which writers create and transport their readers to.
In the writer’s mind, Neverland is as vivid as the place they live in.
It may be thousands of miles away, and set in a totally different era, but the writer can see it, smell it, touch it; feel the emotions of its people; their fear, joy, happiness; hear their laughter.
And the wonderful thing is that it costs nothing to go there.
Neverland is truly is a wonderful place.

Wishing on a star! Photo: From SEA LIFE IN FOCUS by Douglas P Wilson:
Larva of long armed starfish metamorphosing.

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