Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My resolutions for 2009

Why should I resolve to be any different than I seem to be.
The way I am is where I’m at. As far as I’m concerned, that’s that!

I could resolve to change my ways to have less sleep and longer days,
To count the kilojoules I eat, to cut out sweets and eat less meat,

To take up running round the block - rejuvenate my body clock.
But why resolve to make the change, I feel we all fall in the range

- of life’s three score years and ten. And as I ponder with my pen
I know I’m on the downhill run, so what the heck, I’ll make it fun.

I’ve come this far with habits bad, but really, do I feel too sad
One resolution I will make - a promise that I will not brake:

I, Margaret Muir, resolve this year
To change absolutely nothing here!

Photo taken half an hour ago - the last of the proteas in the garden

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jupiter family said...

Happy New Year!

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