Thursday, December 11, 2008

Greeting from Marg in Tassie

Well it's that time again!
Whatever happened to 2008? It seems to have slipped by so quickly.
After trying to remember what I had done, I got out my diary to remind me - just goes to prove I’m getting old.
After flicking through the pages, I realised, it had been quite a good year.
Here are some of the highlights.
Re Travel:
In April I travelled to the UK but cruised half way via Chile, Peru, Panama Canal, and North America to London.
I've just returned from a trip to New Zealand and as I had never been I enjoyed seeing the cities and Fiordland.
Re Writing:
I delivered one manuscript in May and wrote another novel in June.
In September, I heard that THE CONDOR'S FEATHER had been accepted by Hale Books for publication in 2009.
Family:This month, Mum celebrated her 98th birthday. I was not able to be there but I rang her first thing in the morning and sang Happy Birthday to her. She didn't seem to object to my lousy voice!
Re 2009:
I have no plans for the future but that is how I prefer it to be.
I love the beautiful Tamar Valley in Tasmania where I have now been living for almost 18 months.
Time certainly flies.
For Christmas 2008, I wish you joy and peace.
Good health and happiness and a prosperous year in 2009.

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