Saturday, March 09, 2013

Ode to Trucking ...against the wind

Many years ago, I regularly drove the South West Highway in Australia. To break the boredom, I noted down hundreds of names that were displayed on the front of the big rigs.
This bit of nonsense is composed from some of those names – including the title ‘AGAINST THE WIND’.

... against the wind (Ode to Trucking)

Bitch Wheels, Barks ’n’ Bites
ex Northcliffe
Purring Log-hog, Pussy Torque,
Pussy Puller
Trailing Rubber
South-West Highway Carrion

Speed awakes the Senseless Ticking
Moonshine Gambler
Hot Tracks
Hot Stuff
White Stuff flowing
Rides the Fine Line
Cat from Hell

Basic Instinct
V8 Mongrel
Escapee on Roo-dog night
Prototype of Time Warp twisting
Purrr-fect Bitch – In Overdrive.

Post Script:
In November 2005, my partner, Peter Ryan, died in a head-on collision with one of those behemoths. Now is the time for me to move on.

‘…against the wind’ will be included in an eclectic collection of bits and pieces called, WORDS ON A CRUMPLED PAGE by Margaret Muir.

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