Saturday, December 01, 2012

The sequel to FLOATING GOLD - why the delay?

I have been asked - Why was there a 2-year gap between FLOATING GOLD and publication of the sequel THE TAINTED PRIZE?
The reason is because, when I asked my literary agent about writing a sequel, she said there was not much point!

That stopped me dead in my tracks. I stopped writing completely and took a year off, went back to University and did some more historical studies.
But, I held onto the belief that Captain Oliver Quintrell, Mr Parry and the rest of the crew of 'Elusive' were not dead in the water.
Having parted with my agent and publisher, I decided, in 2012 to go it alone and send the crew back to sea.
Hence THE TAINTED PRIZE is afloat - not packaged in the $54 hardback library version of a major publishing house (that was the RRP in Australia), but in a presentable self-published paperback, and also available as an e-book for only $2.99.

My joy is in sharing my work and look forward to the next adventure which I am just preparing to embark on.


Anonymous said...

Loved Floating Gold in December 2011 and had wished there had been a sequel-so looking forward to reading it! Janet Matthews, Oxnard CA

Margaret Muir said...

Book 2 - THE TAINTED PRIZE was published almost year ago in e-format and paper.
Book 3 was published as an e-reader about 4 weeks ago (Aug 2013).
This needs a few tweaks in the editing which I am currently doing and in October I hope to have it available in paperback.
Thank you for you positive feedback it is much appreciated.