Thursday, December 20, 2012

Introducing Karen Mercury - writer extraordinaire

I first 'met' Karen Mercury through the Historical Novel Society and thoroughly enjoyed reading her historical adventure, "The Hinterlands".
A love or writing, travel and adventure was something we shared across the Internet Miles (Tasmania - Australia to California, USA), and when I was writing "The Condor's Feather", a story with a Newfoundland dog in it, she introduced me to Ishi, her Newfoundland.

Over the years, Karen has worked hard as a writer, but like many authors, including myself, she found it hard to find the right niche - and a publishing house through which she could make an income from her writing.
Having been complemented on her hot and steamy sex scenes, Karen slid across genre boundaries to find success in the increasingly popular market for erotic fiction.

Here is a little about Karen Mercury from her new Blogsite. Be prepared to burn your fingers when you enter!

When Karen was 12, she had a dream of being in a village on the coast of Kenya, so at 23 she bought a one-way plane ticket to Nairobi to find the village. She climbed the Mountains of the Moon in Rwanda to see mountain gorillas, hitchhiked overland through Egypt, Uganda, Zaire, and Zambia, lived with the Turkana in the Northern Frontier District of Kenya, went down the Congo on a decrepit steamer, and sailed up the Nile on a leaky dhow.

Her first three novels were historical fiction involving precolonial African explorers. Since she was always either accused or praised (depending how you look at it) for writing overly steamy sex scenes, erotic romance was the natural next step. Now a multi-published author, she is currently writing about the Triple Play Lodge in Utah, and lives in Northern California with her Newfoundland dog.

She is specializing in MMF westerns because let's face it. With two men who can take care of themselves as well as you, a lady can kick back, relax, and enjoy the scenery.

Best wishes, Karen.


Karen Mercury said...

Hey from California, Marg! Thanks for the shout out.

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Find success in the increasingly popular market for erotic fiction.
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