Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Eighteenth Century bilge pumps - HMS VICTORY

HMS VICTORY – The Chain (or Yard) Pumps
“Four bilge pumps (two on each side) were operated by crank handles and lifted water by means of leather saucers fitted every three feet (0.91 m) to a continuous chain. Working efficiently, these pumps were capable of removing approximately 1,350 gallons (6,143 L) or water per minute from the bilges.
Based on a much earlier type, the design of this pump was improved upon by William Cole circa 1774. Nearby is an elm tree pump which, taking a direct suction from the sea, could deliver 25 gallons (114 Lt) of water per minute for washing decks and fire-fighting.”
This information was placed in front of the square pump.

The pump in the second pic may be the elm-tree pump but I am not certain.
Courtesy of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

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