Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Newfoundland dog - hero of SS Ethie shipwreck

On a stormy night in December 1919 the SS Ethie foundered on rocks.
The local paper reported:
"A line was fired from the ship, but got caught up amongst the boulders, so the people of Martin Point sent out one of their dogs, a very sagacious animal , to bring it ashore."
It is said that the well trianed water dog dashed into the water and swam for the line. Grabbing it in his teeth he struggled back to shore thereby saving the lives of over 90 passenger and crew on board.

Pic: A shipwreck on the Strait of Magellan (MM)

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Bob S. said...

I've heard recently, during a play in Cow Head, Newfoundland about the wreck, that the dog is likely a myth that has grown over time.