Friday, May 29, 2009

May - Flower of the month

Can anyone tell me what this is?
It's blooming now - May in Tasmania (late autumn).
It grows on a long (10ft) stem which is hollow in the middle a bit like a thick bamboo.

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Margaret Muir said...

Thanks to my neighbour, Clive, I have the answer - A tree Dahlia!
Fancy that!

Botanical name: Dahlia imperialis
Family: Asteraceae.
Plant type: Herbaceous perennial.
Size: Left unchecked they'll grow to the height of a tree (4-6m) or, if you cut them off late in the year they will re-sprout and flower at a more modest 2m tall. 1m wide.
Planting depth & spacing: Plant with the crown at the soil surface and up to 1m apart.
Preferred aspect: Full/part sun.
Soil type: Rich and well drained
Watering: Keep well watered while actively growing.
Fertilising: Top dress annually in Spring with a general fertiliser.
Flowers: Late Autumn-Winter.
Pruning required: Cut back severely in Winter or spring so that new growth sprouts from near ground level.
Climate: Cool to temperate.
Thanks, Clive.