Thursday, March 26, 2009

'Short and Twisted' coming soon

In a few months you will no longer be able to buy the old incandescent light-globes!
They will be replaced by the new environmently friendly short and twisted ones.
But, no - this is not a post about light-bulbs, it's the promo for a new book which will be launched in May in Victoria (Au) - a compilation of short stories and poems with a twist in the tale/tail - hence Short and Twisted.
My 100-word submission, entitled Deaf Ears, will be included in the anthology.
As I can't re-print that piece here, here is an 100-word alternative.
Just a little bit of sillyness on the subject of writing poetry:

On Writing Poetry

There once was a student of English
Whose verse was as flat as a dead fish
He tried a quatrain
But he just couldn’t tame it
And ended up with pages of disassociated words in a verbal kaleidoscope of unpredictable rhythm troubled trochaics diabolical dactyls lousy limericks his only rise and fall when he shuffled from one foot to the other while metering out a cacophony of concocted verbosity. Of course he may rival James Joyce or Ania Walwicz but my advice would be to leave the limericks to Lear, sonnets to Shakespeare, forget the poetry and stick to prose!

Photo: Promo for book launch
Limerick - 'On Writing Poetry' by Margaret Muir

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