Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A book for Fiji – the dream of Morgan Hayton

Sixteen year old, Morgan Hayton spent two periods volunteering at a village school on the island of Fiji.
Following that successful project, Morgan thought it would be nice for the children at the school to have a book especially for themselves.
With help and encouragement Morgan organised the collection of enough material to fill a book – stories, poems, pictures etc.
All the items are donated freely by the writers and artists.
When completed the ‘Book for Fiji’ will be published by http://www.lulu.com and will be available for purchase from their website.

Tasmanian children’s author, Sally Odgers compiled and edited the collection, wrote some linking text and wrote a few poems.
Because all the material was donated by the creators, this will be a low-cost publication.
But what a brilliant idea!
Perhaps other schools/organisations/individuals might consider ‘adopting’ a school in another country to compile a book for.
I wish Morgan every success in his project.

My small contribution was a picture of an echidna. I offered a few shots but am not sure which will appear in the book.
Pics: An echidna in Tasmania


Sally_Odgers said...

Hi, Margaret; only just found this post. Heard from Morgan lately?

Margaret Muir said...

No Sally, I hope the book was well received. Marg