Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cover captures essence of Patagonian story

It is said that you can’t judge a book by its cover.
But it is that cover image which often attracts a reader to a particular book.
In today’s cyber-savvy world many books are ordered via the internet.
And in many cases the only indication of the essence of the story is gleaned from the jacket image.
Last night I received a digital copy of the cover for The Condor’s Feather and I am delighted with it.
Artist, Michael Thomas, has not only depicted the sweeping pampas with the jagged peaks of the Andes in the background, but also a pair of Criollo horses, the riders, and the ever-faithful Newfoundland dogs, Byron and Bella, which accompany the party on their exciting and often dangerous expedition across the wilds of Patagonia.
Of course the soaring condor is not forgotten.
To learn more about the book and discover what inspired me to write this novel following my visit to South America, go to:
The Condor’s Feather is due for publication in July, 2009 and will be available for order on-line from Hale Books, Amazon or good book stores.
My thanks to Michael Thomas.


Javier said...

It is actually a very precise and communicative cover image... I was born in Buenos Aires and seeing that cover made me think of the Pampas and its gauchos!

Thanks for sharing!

Margaret Muir said...

Hi Javier,
I've visited Buenos Aires and loved it.
And as you might guess from the book I have written, Patagonia captured my imagination.
Thanks for your comment.