Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nautical fiction - not just for male readers - A review of "The Unfortunate Isles"

A five-star Amazon review from a female reader

Nautical fiction with universal appeal
Women, especially those of a certain age, do not usually read nautical fiction. I hadn't, that is until the gallant Captain Oliver Quintrell came into my life. I am now totally captivated and voraciously devoured M C Muir's latest offering, The Unfortunate Isles, having waited all year for it to be published. Can't wait for the next one to appear!

Why? Will the enigmatic but ever-resourceful Captain and his crew, some of whom we have come to know in previous books, manage to overcome each challenge as they follow orders? There is a feeling of suspense and the mind is continually engaged questioning the underlying intricacies of the plot. We know that, although the sea is calm, just over the horizon trouble is brewing.

This book is beautifully written - you are there on the ship, witnessing storms, danger, the treachery and magnificence of far-away seas, the striking beauty of the skies above them and the mystery of distant lands. It's called escapism! Forget the mundanities of everyday existence. This is not a book you will want to put down once you start reading!

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