Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A tip for self-published authors - Having trouble selling your titles?

Are your E-books slow to sell?
Have your titles flat-lined?
If so, here is a proven tip to breathe life back into those dead books.
A few months ago, I noted the sales of some of my self-published e-books had fizzled to only a handful each a month.
Offering Freebies or Countdown incentives was not the answer. So, I decided to repackage three of my historical fiction titles by combining them as a Box Set through Amazon Kindle.
With a purposely designed Box Set cover, I presented the three stories under the umbrella of YORKSHIRE GRIT, a title that reflects the stories’ settings. After uploading the manuscripts to KDP, I offered the Set at an attractive price ($4.99 US).
For two months, this Box Set has performed well, particularly on Amazon UK, selling over 300 copies a month returning £2000 (approx. $4000) over 8 weeks. I am currently selling a dozen copies a day – a result which has both surprised and pleased me.
With very little effort it is possible to breathe life into titles that are otherwise dead in the water.
If you have titles which are in danger of going under – why not give it a try?
You can find YORKSHIRE GRIT here for US readers or here for UK readers.

The three titles in the Box Set are SEA DUST, THROUGH GLASS EYES and THE BLACK THREAD. These are all still available individually and as paperbacks through LULU.
Margaret Muir is author of seven novels and two other books. Nautical Fiction stories in the Oliver Quintrell Series are published under the by-line M.C. Muir.


Linda Collison said...

What a great idea!

Ann Swinfen said...

It's great to hear that this is doing so well for you, Margaret. I've been thinking of doing this myself soon, with my three contemporary novels (the ones originally published by Random House). Two problems - they don't fall naturally into a 'set' (unlike yours) and I'm not sure how one goes about creating a boxed set. Is there guidance on KDP?