Thursday, January 03, 2013

Portuguese CARAVEL in Launceston, Tasmania

Launched February 2011, Port Fairy, Australia, NOTORIOUS is a replica of a 15th century Portuguese caravel, the type favoured explorers and pirates in its day. She is a compact 21 metres long, six metres wide and 17 metres tall. Every nut and bolt is made of wood, handmade by the ship's captain and creator Graeme Wylie.

Constructed from felled Cyprus and iron bark wood collected from South-West Victoria and coated in tar, Felicity Wylie says the total cost of materials (not labour) to construct NOTORIOUS would be about $20,000.
A cabinet-maker by trade, Graeme 'lived, breathed and almost ate,' the ship for more than 10 years, explains Felicity. While there is an engine below deck, it's used only sparingly.

I discovered NOTORIOUS in Launceston, Tasmania, yesterday. Unfortunately, I was unable to go aboard as the ship was being prepared to sail. Today she is heading down the Tamar River to Bass Strait which is 65km away. I hope I will cross tracks with her again one day.
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