Monday, August 20, 2012


I think this is one of the most touching memorials I have ever seen.

When I wrote the novel, THE BLACK THREAD, there is an elderly gentleman in the story with a secret hidden deep in his past.
He often wanders around graveyards looking for an inscription on a grave to A CHILD WHO WAS NEVER BORN.
The reason he searches is that his young wife died when she was carrying their child, but when she died the child was buried within her.
But the child was never born and therefore never had a name.
It never had a date of birth or death, and it never had an inscription on a grave to say were it was buried.
When I saw this memorial dedicated by a group of women to the unborn child, I was touched.
The artist has captured two remarkable images - the weeping mother and the child being transparent - like a fleeting ghost.

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