Sunday, July 27, 2008

Writing to heal

Whether you are a writer or not, putting words on paper is a great way to ease long standing personal pain suffered through loss of a loved one.
Hurt, anger, guilt can also be from loss of job, loss of body part, house, rejection etc.
Some of the deaths/misadventures/traumas in my books, even though well veiled, are my way of writing out some of my personal grief.
I don’t aim to do it. It just happens.
And sometimes I don’t even recognise it until after the book is published.
Last week I attended a one day workshop on healing through writing.
Since then, I am seriously considering writing a non-fiction book on ‘Writing away the pain’ or similar title.
There are numerous books on the subject, but most are written by psychologists and are cold and clinical.
I’d like to have a go.
Pic: Sunset over the Tamar Valley, Tasmania.

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Linda S. Socha said...

Yes. What a lovely idea and a workable one I think. Thank you for sharing your ideas.