Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Condor's Feather

A historical novel set in Patagonia in 1885Having just returned from South America, I had to produce another book quickly (for contractual reasons).
After eight weeks of burning the mid-night oil and nearly burning myself out, I’ve succeeded.
THE CONDOR’S FEATHER is set in Patagonia.
The idea for the novel come from ‘{Riding} Across Patagonia’ published by Lady Florence Dixie in 1881.
After reading Lady Flo’s book and ‘Wanderings in Patagonia’ by Julius Beerbohm (1878). I must admit that true life adventures are more thrilling to read that any ficiton.
My agent will receive the manuscript of The Condor’s Feather this week and I am hoping that publisher, Robert Hale will accept it.
Pic: M Muir – Criollo horses on an estancia in Argentina. Note the gaucho's belt studdied with silver and the felon (dagger) held behind it.

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