Sunday, February 24, 2008

A naval adventure set in 1802

It's two months since I updated my blog - the reason - I have been flat-out writing my latest manuscript.
I won't quote its title yet as two of my previous novels have had their titles changed (much to my disappointment).
As I mentioned below, with the death of Bob Tanner, my agent, I am not sure where I will be sending this work but I'm hoping International Scripts will be able to place it for me.
As a brief insight into the latest novel - it is a naval adventure set in the pre-Trafalgar years of 1802/3.
It is written primarily for a male audience, though anyone who enjoys the adventures of Horatio Hornblower (CS Forester) or Captain Jack Aubrey (Patrick O'Brian) should hopefully relate to this one.
I'm still debating whether to use my own name or a pseudonym.
Do men read naval adventures written by a woman?
Photo: HMS Victory - Portsmouth MM

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