Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bob Tanner dies

Last week, Bob Tanner, my literary agent in London died.
He was 88 and still working.
Though I only ‘met’ Bob through our email conversations, I soon came to realise he was a man of few words, astute and had a vast knowledge of the book business in the UK.
Bob accepted me into his stable of authors (which includes many distinguished writers) in 2005.
At the time I was a raw beginner and it is thanks to him that my first novel ‘Sea Dust’ was published.
Subsequently I have had two other books published thanks to International Scripts.

Recently I had been polishing up my latest manuscript to send to Bob and was hoping he would like it.
My hope now is that Bob’s daughter, Jill Lawson, a fellow director of the company, will take over where Bob left off.

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