Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Himalayan Express

No - this is not the train I am talking about!
One of the new great train lines of the world was only completed and opened recently.
It runs for 4000 km from Behjing (China) to Lhasa (Tibet).
And because it travels into the Himalayas and to very high altitudes, the train has to be oxygenated to compensate for the rarified air.
When I got a flyer from my travel agent about a tour going next year, I couldn't resist the opportunity to sign up.
Apart from the 3 day train journey, there is time in China to see the Great Wall, time in Nepal and Tibet to see the great monastaries and shrines, time to visit the base camp of Everest and time to sightsee in Kathmandu.
I remember as a child learning the peom which goes something like: there's little wooden idol, to the north of Kathmandu....
Who ever thought that one day I would be visiting that part of the world!
Photo: Steam engine at the Don River Museum in Northern Tasmania. MM

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