Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bad Ground - a must read!

There are not many books which grab me to the extent that I will sit all day glued to the pages.
Bad Ground written by Tony Wright is one of those books.
It’s not fiction - it's a true story - but it reads like an adventure. It has everything - tension, raw emotion, unreal setting, honest dialogue, conflict and above all human drama.
Bad Ground is the retelling of the Beaconsfield mine disater where one miner died and two were rescued. Where the odds stacked against their survival were enormous.
But it’s not just the story of Brant Webb and Todd Russell, but it’s the story of their rescuers – the men who came from the length and breadth of Australia; it’s the story of the families – and the heartwrenching wait for news which went on for days and days; it’s the story of a trajedy unfolding when Larry Knight’s body was discovered; and above all, it’s the story of joy and celebration when the recue was finally completed.
I compliment Tony Wright – journalist and author - for his narrative and the supurb way in which he related this event.
(Page-down to read of some of the visits I have made recenlty to Beaconsfield)

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