Tuesday, January 09, 2007

South African Boer Goats for sale

The goats haven't had much attention lately on the blog or on the farm.
With the driest year on record in 2006 and little feed on the ground and the dam almost dried out, the goats have had theri noses pushed out of joint.
In fact I have recently sold several of my good does.
And I have just advertised Akhenaten (318) my current three year old buck.
He's a nice fellow, well marked and very quiet but I don't want to use him again this coming season, so he must go.
Because my goats are all social animals I hate to part with them, but, like real children, the kids have a habit of growing up!
Photo: A great profile - Akhenaten (OUX318)

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The Taswegians said...

hello i was wondering if you had any boer does you would consider selling. I realise this is an old post. Just thought ill ask anyway. Thankyou