Friday, November 23, 2018

The Bird of Paradise flower

I have inherited a flock of Bird of Paradise plants in my new garden (in Tasmania). They are tall and exotic and don’t make any noise. But when I glance at them from my kitchen window, I see then flaunting their gaudy orange plumes and twisting their necks – beaks open-wide, as if waiting for a feed. They stand proud in their spectacular regal plumage demanding admiration.  

Several meanings are associated with this spectacular flower:
Freedom – Bird of Paradise flower is also a symbol of freedom and overcoming obstacles, reminding us to let go of our worries and embark on a new adventure to some place we have never been before (seems appropriate to me at this time).

Optimism – This flower is a symbol of optimism and positive energy, especially because of its bright and bold colours and interesting shapes.
Also known as a Crane flower, The Bird of Paradise is a native of South Africa but has been adopted as the floral emblem of the City of Los Angeles.
(Refs: Teleflora and flower meanings)

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