Friday, January 17, 2014

Set of three E-Books - Oliver Quintrell Trilogy

With the continuing success of the Oliver Quintrell nautical fictions series, the author has released a Box-set which combines the first three e-Books in one. Though each book is a stand-alone story, it is good to read the early adventures in sequence. The Box-set is available from Amazon Kindle.

Book 1 - FLOATING GOLD - a seemingly impossible mission, cloaked in mystery, takes the ship deep into the frozen waters of the Southern Ocean where intrigue, murder and near-mutiny threaten the lives of everyone aboard.
Book 2 - THE TAINTED PRIZE - heading south again to locate a missing Royal Navy frigate, Captain Quintrell navigates the Magellan Strait and makes a shocking discover before heading north to the coast of Chile and Peru. Aside from several encounters with the enemy, unexpected and disturbing occurrences make this an unforgettable story.

Book 3 - ADMIRALTY ORDERS - Captain Quintrell is ordered to Gibraltar to give assistance to the garrison and colony. Hemmed in by strict quarantine regulations, the dangers which unfold are more insidious than either the French or Spanish fleets. What Book 3 lacks in battle action it makes up for in its handling of the human toll from the colony's battle with an unseen enemy - malignant fever. 

Jebel Musa - the southern Pillar of Hercules on the Strait of Gibraltar.

Following on from the Trilogy, THE UNFORTUNATE ISLES is Book 4 in the series.
When given permission to leave Gibraltar, Captain Quintrell heads across the Atlantic. Putting into the Azores - better known as 'the Fortunate Isles' - to careen the ship, captain and crew have the misfortune of crossing tracks with a sadistic and tyrannical pirate who follows him across the pond. Can they escape the villain and finally serve retribution on him for his evil deeds?

Having reached Rio de Janeiro, the captain awaits sailing orders. Unexpectedly, he is ordered to return to England in the company of a British man-of-war. THE SEVENTY-FOUR is Book 5 in the series. While the enemy sails the seas, Captain Quintrell soon discovers that danger also lurks below deck.

All books are available individually as E-Books or paperbacks from Amazon.

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