Friday, January 17, 2014

Oliver Quintrell Trilogy – Box set of e-books

With the continuing success of the Oliver Quintrell nautical fictions series, the author has released a Box-set which combines the first three e-books three books in the series.

Book 1 - FLOATING GOLD - a voyage to the frozen wastes of the Antarctic Peninsula.
Book 2 - THE TAINTED PRIZE - a mission to locate a missing Royal Navy frigate takes Quintrell through the Magellan Strait to the coast of Chile and Peru. Apart from several encounters with the enemy, unexpected and disturbing occurrences make this an unforgettable story.
Book 3 - ADMIRALTY ORDERS - Captain Quintrell is ordered to Gibraltar to give assistance to the garrison and colony. Hemmed in by strict quarantine regulations, the dangers which unfold are more insidious than either the French or Spanish fleets.
Pic: Jebel Musa - the southern Pillar of Hercules on the Strait of Gibraltar.

During 2014, the author is planning Book 4 in the series. In the forthcoming adventure, Captain Quintrell, aboard Perpetual, heads from Gibraltar across the Atlantic. But with ‘detained’ Spanish treasure aboard his frigate, and with Spain now aligning its forces with France, the enemy he faces is a formidable force. Can he escape their clutches and fulfil his orders?

The OLIVER QUINTRELL TRILOGY Box-set is now available on and

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