Tuesday, April 09, 2013

KING RICHARD AND THE MOUNTAIN GOAT - A myth wrapped in a Legend

Recently I dug out some children's stories I had written years ago and decided to publish them.
Two stories for boys aged 9-13 are: KING RICHARD and the MOUNTAIN GOAT and THE SECRET OF THE SEA.

Having struggled to come up with two book covers which will appeal,either to boys or the parents who buy their books for them, I decided on the following:
The first cover is for the paperback edition. It includes the black and white “Beauseant” - banner of the Knights Templars.

Cover #2 is for the e-book.

For interest – here are the black and white mountain goats which reputedly King Richard’s Knights returned to England from Switzerland on their return from the crusades.

Some years later, Richard 11 entrusted the herd to the House of Bagot where they remained protected for 600 years. Today they are known as Bagot goats and their image appears on the heraldic crest of the Bagot family.

Picture #4 – the author’s encounter with a Bagot goat which led me to investigate the history associated with the breed and to weave a boy’s story around them.

I would like to thank my friends on Facebook who gave advice on early cover ideas.
Cover images purchased from BIGSTOCK PHOTOS

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