Wednesday, September 05, 2012

BARBADOS BOUND by Linda Collison (review)

In order to gain what is rightfully hers, Patricia Kelley, a young lady, brought up in Britain, makes the brave decision to return to the island of Barbados where she was born. With no money, the only way for her to get there is to stowaway on a sailing ship bound across the North Atlantic.

While struggling against both the elements and her emotional shipboard relationships, Patricia succeeds in establishing a role for herself (albeit disguised as a youth) as mate to a ship's surgeon.

Linda's intimate knowledge of tall ships, the sea and medical practices provide the reader with a convincing picture of life on both land and sea in the 1760s.

BARBADOS BOUND is a well written and engaging story. It was first published as a Young Adult novel by Knopf under the title STAR CROSSED. In this edition Collison has revised and refined the story turning it into a compelling adult novel. It is written in the first person from the point of view of Patricia/Patrick MacPherson. This gives the reader an intimate association with the main character.

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