Sunday, July 08, 2012

SEA DUST - a gracious review from a reader

Sea Dust is about to be released as an e-book with KDP ($2.99) - July 2012 but before it made it, I received this excellent review from EA Harwik in North Dekota.

What a treat reading Sea Dust by Margaret Muir proved to be. It’s a fine 19th century story of escape, hope and desire with a captivating background set near and upon the sea. I suspect this might be the most engaging account of 19th century travel by sea I’ve ever read. Yet it’s very much a fine story with a central focus upon the protagonist, Emma Quinlan, of her desperately impassioned escape from oppressed powerless and humiliating deprivation and of the hope that something good might present itself out of a need to journey away from experiencing any more of everything worse.

This book has some wonderful triggers to draw ship life into the plot without detracting from the main story focus. It’s such a compelling, brilliantly paced and written, account of life on board a 19th century sailing ship and yet that’s not at all what the story is about. Add main characters that are compelling and likeable even in spite of all their flaws and we are left with one very compiling, engaging and interesting story read. I loved it.
Five stars.

Thank you, Erin.

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Fenella Miller said...

Marg- you should let people know you are posting about KDP -always interesting.
Glad you're taking the plunge!