Sunday, April 22, 2012

Treenail links past and present ENDEAVOURS

In May 1992, on its inaugural mission, space shuttle ENDEAVOUR carried a trunnel (a long wooden pin used for fastening timbers) into space. On return to earth, the Captain of the space shuttle ENDEAVOUR presented this to the Captain of the replica bark ENDEAVOUR. This trunnel was the last hammered into the ship – linking the C18th sailing ship to the C20th space ship.
The position of Endeavour’s last trunnel is marked with a small brass ring. It appears in the centre of the picture just above the table (Cook’s great cabin). I have had the pleasure of a short voyage on HMB Endeavour and served on board for 3 days as a tour guide when she was in Hobart in March 2012 as part of her circumnavigation of Australia

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