Thursday, January 26, 2012


For those who enjoyed the maritime adventure, FLOATING GOLD, I am delighted to say I am now writing the sequel.
It's been a two year drought in fiction writing while I did another course at University, but I have learned a lot of History, heritage and appreciation for many things I wasn't aware of.

In the sequel to FLOATING GOLD, many of the same characters will be sailing with Captain Quintrell such as: Mr Parry - his first Lieutenant; Mr Mundy - Sailing Master; several middies who have now passed for lieutenant; and some of the foremast jacks. A sprinkling of new characters will be introduced and the destination and purpose of the mission will, of course, be different.

The year is 1803. The Peace of Amiens has been broken and Britain is again at war with France. Captain Quintrell waits impatiently to receive a commission.

I am enjoying the challenge of this new 'voyage', but struggling to find a title. My working title is "The Tainted Prize".

And while working on this sequel, a third story keeps trying to make itself know to me. I’m not short on ideas at the present!

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