Sunday, July 03, 2011

Pigeons and the early lighthouse service in Tasmania

In 1908, 14 HOMING PIGEONS were taken to the new lighthouse on Tasman Island to carry urgent messages. Some birds got through with messages but others failed.
Unfortunately in Tasmania the Peregrine Falcon off the SW coast resulted in the demise of many weary birds battling the winds of the Roaring Forties.

But this type of communication is not new, In 51 BC, CAESAR announced the fall of GAUL by carrier pigeon.
GENGIS KHAN also used them.
The English victory at BATTLE OF WATERLOO was sent by pigeon post and during the First World War many messages were carried from the front and back to England.

This intersting info was provided at the Achipelego conference held this weekend in Hobart.
Presentation by Mr Colin Denny – Carrier Pigeon Communication: the homing birds of the lighthouse service.

Pic - Low Head lighthouse, Northern Tasmania.

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