Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gound Zero

Last night I watched a DVD – “Ground Zero” (from my local library).
Although today is 11 September, the movie is not about 9/11’s ground zero, but it's about the Atomic testing at Maralinga, in the Australian desert in the 1950s & 60s.
Though this is a fiction story, it is based on fact surrounding the cover up by the British and Australian Governments.

It’s a powerful conspiracy movie and is very well acted (stars Colin Friels, Jack Thompson and Donald Pleasence).
But for me the most powerful message was in the captions which rolled at the end. Here is what was written:

1) At the time of the testing Aborigines were not included in the Australian census. At that time they were classed with livestock like emus and kangaroos.

2) The Maralinga site at Ground Zero will take 25,000 years to return to normal.
Is it surprising that the first land the Australian government returned to the Aborigines was at Maralinga!!!

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Pic: Parts of Tasmnaia are truly desolate. Despite this, in the early days the Colonial Government did all it could to remove (experminate) all of the indigenous population.

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