Friday, June 19, 2009

A winter cloudscape

If you glance at this picture quickly you could be mistaken into thinking it's a scene from a snowy landscape or a picture of a large frozen lake.
Or it could be an Arctic seascape with a line of ice-covered mountains in the background.
Or that's the way I see it (with just a little imagination)!

But as the full picture below reveals, it's just cloud sitting in the valley.
And hidden beneath it is the winding Tamar River.

And finally - a few days later, an early morning without mist.


Spencer Collins said...

That looks beautiful Marg.
How ya keeping? It's pretty cold down here today, probably be snowing on Bluff Knoll but I don't think I will brave the sleet and hail to get there. :)

Margaret Muir said...

Hi Col,
What a nice surprise to get your comment.
I'm fairing pretty well but there's still a big hole in my life.
Maybe I need some GRAVITY - Does it give you a lift?