Monday, December 03, 2007

The Ben Lomond experience

No, I am not in Scotland!
Ben Lomond is in the north east of Tasmania and this was my first visit.
I was told there were snowfields at the top (in winter), but didn't realise the road to the top of the mountain was a zig-zag gravel track with a sheer drop at the side.

Not being a braveheart when it comes to heights, I only made it to the first bend (you can see where I left the car).
Just as well, as the road ahead was shrouded in cloud and there had been a minor rock fall higher up.
Not to be outdone, my grandson and I climbed to the top.
Wow! what a view!
Photo: The road up Ben Lomond
Photo: "It's neither at the bottom and neither at the top..."

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