Friday, September 14, 2007

A camellia by any other name!

How could I resist buying a camellia with the name - China Doll.
China Doll was the name of one of my favourite goats.
Although she died several years ago, I will never forget her.
Whenever I went out in the paddock she would follow me, and if I sat down on the grass she would come and sit next to me and lay her head on my lap and happily go to sleep.
It's hard to forget those special animals?
Guess I'm feeling sentimental.

Photo: Curly (another pet) checking out my brief case!
Photo: China Doll - camellia variety

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Mrs G said...

I imagine that the gardening in Tasmania has its own problems a lot different to the hot summers of the West Australian wheatbelt. Enjoy the challenges and the ability to plant more sensitive things like the Camellia with success.