Sunday, June 17, 2007

Goodbye Goats

I can leave a place I have lived in, even a state or country with no second thoughts or regrets, but saying goodbye to the goats is a bit hard.
I've been running goats for 18 years and have experienced the heart-ache, hard physical work and frustrations with comes with breeding livestock.
I've had angora goats, cashmeres, ferals, even some dairy goats but for the last 8 years I have been running South Aftican Boer goats.
Today, the final 15 were taken off the property today - to a good home, I'm pleased to say.
So, with all the work and traumas I have experiences over the years, why will I miss them?
Goats are the most incredible creatures. They are intelligent (second only to dogs)affectionate, very family oriented, and as kids are the most delightful creatures to watch as they play.
I've helped bring dozens into the world. I've bottle fed some, revived some by giving them mouth to mouth, even kept newborns warm in bed with me.
I've cried when some of my older girls have died or I have had no alternative but to put her out of her misery.
Yes, I will miss seeing the goats from the kitchen window - but after 18 years, it's time to move on.


julieva said...

I feel your pain about the goats! We sold ours last year and it was a heart wrenching decision. But it was time for a new chapter in our lives as well. I still miss them everyday while acknowledging that it was the right decision. We did, however, retain visitation rights! Hope your new adventure is everything you're hoping! Julie

Margaret Muir said...

Hi Julie,
Hi Julieva,
Thanks for the comment.
Like you, I realise that after almost 20 years there comes a time when 'the kids' must leave home.
I have to admit that I'm getting too old for trimming hoofs etc - not that the goats needed much treatment - but there is always something to do!
I do miss them, but I have discovered I have a little wallaby with baby in pouch who lives under the bushes in the garden.
He seems to quite like my kangaroo-chattering noises.
Most people in Tassie regard them as a nuisance in the garden.
I think she is lovely.