Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My place

This is the house I am buying in Tasmania.
If all goes well I will be moving in on 5th July.
Photo courtesy of Towns Shearing Real Estate, Launceston, the agents who I had the pleasure of dealing with.


Anne Whitfield - author said...

The house and location looks lovely, Marg.

Wishign you the very best future in your new home.

Take care.

Margaret Muir said...

Thanks, Anne.
And would you belive it was a darn site cheaper than my place in WA - one of the reasons for moving to Tasmania.
Have a great time in the UK and give my regards to you-know-who.

Sallyo said...

Hi, Margaret;

You'll be quite close to us! We live 10 minutes out of Devonport. WHy not call in for a cuppa?

Margaret Muir said...

Hi Sally,
Give me time to get established and I will be up for a visit.
I stayed in Devonport for a couple of nights and got as far as Wynyard and Table Cape but would love to revisit to see the Cape in Spring at the time of the tulip festival.
Will look forward to catching up sometime.

Mrs G said...

The house looks lovely Marg, and you certainly will be able to persue your love of fragrant roses in a much more hospitable climate. Make sure you plant Jude the Obscure, the fragrance is rich, lush and unforgettable.