Saturday, December 16, 2006

124 degrees F (54 C) in the sun

I imagine the response I will get to this post.
No on eis going to believe it - but it's true.
As it was jolly hot today and I stayed inside most of the day with the aircon on.
At 4.45 pm I ventured out to check the goat's water troughs and couldn't believe how hot it was.
It was like walking into the proverbial oven (cliche - but true).
I couldn't believe th heat so went inside and got my thermometer - old but reliable, and when I walked back into the sun the mercury just started to rise.
I know that temperatures which are officially recorded are shade temperatures, whereas I was in the garden in the sun, but it was late afternoon and the sky was hazy.
What I recorded (and photographed) was - one hundred and twenty four degrees farenheit or 54 centigrade!
Then I let the thermometer cool off and took the shade temperature under the Verhandah - a relatively cool 45 C or 112F.
I just hope this is not a sample of the summer ahead!
Photo: M Muir - Location 75 km inland from Perth, Western Australia.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mum,

Today's maximum in England is going to be 4 degrees. Tomorrow's maximum is expected to get to a balmy 2 degrees. Can you spare 10 degrees and send it this way?

Love Rob.

Anonymous said...

That's nothing; it goes to 44 degrees in Hyderabad, India (where I live). In. The. Shade.
It goes to easily over sixty in the sun.

@ previous poster

I'll swap you some horribly hot for some horribly cold.

Margaret Muir said...

I don't think I'd survive long in Hyderabad.
Since writing this post in 2004, I have moved from Western Australia to the most temperate region of Australia - namely Tasmania - the island to the south of Melbourne.
It's much, much cooler - in fact its now mid-summer and I have a jumper on this morning.
But I'm sure the brain functions better at these temperatures!