Thursday, September 28, 2006

Do goats grieve?

I believe they certainly do.
With the goats just kidded, I feel for the ones whose kid’s die for one reason or another. If/when it dies, the doe paws it and tries to get it onto its feet. She licks it, and at night she lays beside it. If you remove it then she will go around for two days looking for it and calling for it. It’s an easily recognisable call, quite plaintive.
But it’s not just newly kidded does who show feelings of loss.
Goats are very family oriented. They stay together and sleep together in family groups.
I sold some goats yesterday and didn’t realize I had sold the 3 previous years offspring of one six year old doe. She had a one year old, a 2 year old and a three year old..
Today she had been wandering around the paddock crying/calling and looking for them everywhere.
Don’t I feel like a real rotter.


Neferset said...

I have a 6 month old doeling who lost her mother recently. Is there anything I can do for her? She was there when her mother died (in labor), but it seems almost as if she didn't understand what happened. I believe she is looking for her mother. She saw us take her out of the front doors of the barn for burial and tried to follow us. I really think she thinks her mother is outside somewhere, because she keeps escaping and calling. Will she stop eventually? Will she grieve? What can I do for this poor little one?

Neferset said...

Oops. I meant 9. I typed 6. Selene is 9 months old.