Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What a week!

It's been a great week.
Today I saw a copy of the jacket cover of the large print edition of SEA DUST. Interesting - the stern of the ship looks liitle of HMS Victory (posted earlier) whereas the ship in the story is a mid nineteenth century barquentine.
Close enough though!
Also today, I picked up my author copies of THE TWISTING VINE from the post office.
I'm delighted with the final production. My compliments to Mr Hale and his staff.
Last but not least - the first of my goats just had a kid - and it's a doe. That's a good start. The rest will all follow within the next two weeks. I could end up with 30 kids.
Image: Sea Dust - Ulverscroft Large Print edition


Anne said...

I like the cover, Margaret!

The kid is so cute.

Margaret Muir said...

Thanks Anne.
It'll be interesting to see how it performs with that cover.
I noted from the Ulverscroft catalogue that they have classed the novel as general fiction.
As it's set in 1856 I thought it would have to be Historical Fiction ??

Anonymous said...

I married a Maragret Muir and periodically I put her name in GOOGLE to see what pops up... and there you were.
We live in Connecticut USA and I think I should buy one of your books to give her for Christmas. Which one do you prefer? How can I buy it from you so that you can write something inside it for her?
Hope to hear from you.
Fred Lyle

Margaret Muir said...

Hi Frederick,
Thanks for posting.
I personally don't sell my books because I live in Australia and they are distributed from the UK.
The new one, The Twisting Vine is available on Amazon UK, as is the Large Print version of Sea Dust.
Although the original Sea Dust shows on Amazon UK and US, it has sold out.
I can't send you a signed copy but if you do get a copy and want a signed bookplate please contact me again and I will forward a signed bookplate to you.
Note: The Twisting Vine is the only one availble currently in normal print.
Best wishes,
Marg Muir